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The Altairis Web Security Toolkit consists of several parts:
  • SQL Table Providers are re-implementation of standard ASP.NET membership, profile and role providers, but using simple database structure.
  • PlainTextMembershipProvider is basic low-security membership provider using plain text file as its user database.
  • BasicAuthenticationModule is authentication module for ASP.NET/IIS7, implementing standard HTTP Basic Authentication, working with any membership provider (including, but not limited to the two contained in this library)

The original release (older than 2.0) contained also Simple SQL Providers, which are no longer developed and were replaced by SQL Table Providers mentioned above. The relevant classes are still present in the assembly, but are now marked as obsolete.

Altairis Web Security toolkit is in the NuGet Gallery

You may install Altairis Web Security Toolkit using the NuGet package manager (former NuPack). The package name is Altairis.Web.Security,

For more info about NuGet visit

Database agnostic providers

Since release 2.2.0 are the TableMembershipProvider and TableRoleProvider classes database agnostic. They should be working with any SQL database, for which an ADO.NET provider is available. Currently, SQL Server and SQL Compact 4.0 are tested to work. See the following links for setup instructions:

Using Entity Framework Code First

The Table*Providers work well with Entity Framework Code first. Read more in the following articles on Culbertson Exchange:

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